Amritam Gamaya – Part 1


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Amritam Gamaya is a treasure trove of precious teachings from Amma on a wide range of topics: the harmonizing of spirituality with material progress, the relevance of rituals and traditions, meditation and management of the mind, conflict resolution, love and compassion, the importance of living in the present moment, and the role of spirituality in science, to namejust a few issues that are of continuing relevance today. As Amma says: “Spirituality is the management of life. It teaches us how to live in the world and how to overcome challenges.”
Through simple language and inspiring stories Amma has made age-old spiritual teachings accessible to all. She thus aims tohelp us understand who and what we truly are, so that we may benefit both ourselves and others and thus lead fulfilling lives.

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Br.Madhavamrita Chaitanya


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